Aikijutsu and Kenjutsu Since 1992 

South Central PA’s Oldest, Elite Dojo of Classical Budo

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Martial Arts of Japan

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Why Traditional Arts?

Regardless of the times you live in, or the circumstances of your life, success in large part depends on things you can actually control: Building strong relationships in a community of achievement; Forging a disciplined and positive mindset; Enhancing your physical health and capabilities. These are exactly the benefits provided by training in traditional, Japanese martial arts such as aikijutsu and kenjutsu!

Men and women of all ages, educational levels, and occupational backgrounds join the diverse community within Itten Dojo for the shared purpose of helping each other become more than they were the day before. The mindset we develop in training is even more important than the physical techniques and self defense strategies we practice — while few of us are likely to face the threat of sudden violence, a stronger and more focused will and intent improves all aspects of everyday life, from dealing with routine stress to making optimal decisions. And greater health and well-being are benefits that speak for themselves.

Our Sensei often said, “The goal of a school is to teach a person new things; the goal of a dojo is to transform the person into something new.” Students of the arts we practice will learn to move through the world — and life — with power and grace.

The positive, challenging, and uplifting environment at Itten Dojo offers community, opportunity for accomplishment, and a proven path to greater capabilities...not to mention an incredible amount of fun.

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“Very knowledgeable, and well prepared to teach.” — Joshua N.

“Decided to try something more traditional since I’ve only studied combat sport schools for roughly 12 years. After having numerous injuries and not being able to participate in competitions any longer, Itten Dojo is a god send. While sitting in to watch a class to see if it was for me, I noticed the instructor and student movements were very refined. The instructor not only explained the technique, he explained the purpose behind it. A wonderful first experience and have been enjoying the art form since.” — John M.

“Maybe you should find out why senior members measure their training here in decades, rather than mere months or years.” — William M.

The closest choice for training isn’t necessarily the best. In addition to Mechanicsburg, our members hail from Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dover, Dauphin, Dillsburg, Enola, Etters, Gettysburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, Lemoyne, New Cumberland, Shiremanstown, Steelton, Summerdale, Wormleysburg, and York.

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