Aikijutsu, Kenjutsu, and Iaido Since 1992 

South Central PA’s Oldest Dojo of Classical Budo

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Martial Arts of Japan

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Take Your Next Step!

If you’re like most members of Itten Dojo, you’re already a successful adult. In fact, you’ve most likely achieved success in multiple areas of life. And now you’re wondering, what’s next? What can you do to take things — and yourself — to the next level? Consider budo.

Become a more capable you

The classical, Japanese Martial Ways are not sports. Nor are the arts about self-aggrandizement or being better than someone else. The arts are about becoming more than you were the day before. Becoming more in ways that have the potential to affect, in a very positive manner, virtually every aspect of your life. The practical, effective self-defense skills you will gain are almost a side-benefit.

Move through life with greater power, confidence, and grace

As a member of Itten Dojo, you will build strong relationships in a community of achievement, forge an even more disciplined and positive mindset, and enhance your physical health and capabilities through safe and systematic training in time-honored, Japanese martial arts such as:

Aikijutsu (sophisticated grappling)

•  Kenjutsu (combative swordsmanship)

Iaido (swordsmanship focusing primarily on solo forms)

Call or email for an appointment to observe training — or just stop by — visitors are always welcome!

Our promise:

The positive, challenging, and uplifting environment at Itten Dojo will provide support, encouragement, and a proven path to greater capabilities...not to mention an incredible amount of fun. Visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel for photos and videos of the dojo and training.

Download the November 2021 issue of our journal, Sword and Spirit. In “Break the Stalemate! Overcoming Tsuba-zeriai,” Itten Dojo chief instructor Robert Wolfe details three kenjutsu techniques that can turn stalemate into victory. All back issues of Sword and Spirit are available here.

In our newest blog post, “Budo: An Antidote to Fear,” Itten Dojo chief instructor Robert Wolfe suggests training in traditional Japanese martial arts are a proven means to greater calm and joy, despite external circumstances.

“Many of the Japanese martial arts you encounter in this country have been commercialized to the point where their deeper values and benefits are lost in the shuffle of capturing and retaining more and more students. Facilities dedicated to the serious study of the Japanese martial arts are rare indeed! Itten Dojo is one of these few. The spirit of the dojo shines through, in its correct appointments — spare, clean, elegant — and safe, ordered training space. This is an environment suitable for the ‘spiritual forging’ that the best practice of the Japanese martial arts entails.” — Diane S.

“Structure and gravity and momentum and physics and sweat and, ‘Oh my gosh, that makes sense,’ and ‘Nope, guess not,’ and then something works just a tiny little bit differently and I don’t know if I did it or if it did me and I’m hooked again. I couldn’t be more impressed with the instruction and everyone I’ve met at the dojo. I feel like I really walked into something special here.” — Michael T.

“I've trained in other martial arts over 20 years and, for me, this dojo, its people, and the arts practiced in it are simply exceptional.” — Dr. Sarah St. A.

The closest choice for martial arts training isn’t necessarily the best. In addition to Mechanicsburg, our members hail from Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dover, Dauphin, Dillsburg, Enola, Etters, Gettysburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, Lemoyne, New Cumberland, Shiremanstown, Steelton, Summerdale, Wormleysburg, York, and elsewhere in Central Pennsylvania.

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