Aikijutsu and Kenjutsu Since 1992

South Central PA’s Oldest Dojo of Classical Budo.

“The goal of a school is to teach a person new things; the goal of a dojo is to transform the person into something new.”

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Martial Arts of Japan

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The Dojo

In the same way a Japanese sword is created through the heat and pressure of a forge, a martial artist is crafted by means of the intensity and shared purpose of a dojo. The literal translation of the word dojo is “way-place,” and the term implies that the dojo is a unique environment in which students will attempt to realize the ultimate reality of their chosen art and its application to their lives. Within the dojo, rank is determined solely on the basis of demonstrated performance, and expectations of women are the same as those for men of comparable size.

New students — especially those without prior martial arts experience or current participation in athletics — are guided very carefully in their early training, so that they are able to build the requisite level of physical conditioning and basic skill without undue risk of injury or discouragement. Previous experience is not required. For information on applying for membership and a detailed explanation of the cost of tuition and required equipment, please click here.

While the necessary uniforms and equipment required for training can be obtained through the dojo, only the prospective student can provide the most important ingredients for the creation of a martial artist — enthusiasm, dedication, a strong sense of fun and adventure, and the ability to retain forever the receptiveness of a beginner’s mind.

A view of the tokonoma and mat.
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