Aikijutsu and Kenjutsu Since 1992 

South Central PA’s Oldest Dojo of Classical Budo

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Martial Arts of Japan

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Welcome to Itten Dojo!

Discover more, in our traditional, member-focused dojo. Our mission is personal transformation through challenging training in practical skills. Skills proven effective in use, time and again, by law enforcement, first responders, military — and everyday men and women like you! As a member of Itten Dojo, you will build strong relationships in a community of achievement, forge a disciplined and positive mindset, and enhance your physical health and capabilities by training in Japanese martial arts such as Yamate-ryu Aikijutsu, Itto Tenshin-ryu Kenjutsu, or Ono-ha Itto-ryu Kenjutsu (Sokaku-den). You will learn to move through the world — and life — with greater power, confidence, and grace. Call or email today for an appointment to observe training. Visitors are always welcome!

The positive, challenging, and uplifting environment at Itten Dojo offers community, opportunity for accomplishment, and a proven path to greater capabilities...not to mention an incredible amount of fun. Visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel for photos and videos of the dojo and training.

Download the June 2019 issue of our e-newsletter, Sword and Spirit, for a detailed presentation of “Ukemi 201 — Teaching the Solo, ‘Aerial’ Breakfall.” All back issues of Sword and Spirit are available here.

In our newest blog post, “What? We’re a ‘Fight Club’!?!,” we look back on why it’s probably a sound practice never to talk to reporters.

“I’ve been around the world, and the Itten Dojo is one of a kind.” — Dan H.

“I couldn’t be more impressed with the instruction and everyone I’ve met at the dojo. I feel like I really walked into something special here.” — Michael T.

“I’ve trained in other martial arts over nearly 20 years, and for me, this dojo, its people, and the arts practiced in it are simply exceptional.”  — Dr. Sarah St. A.

“Maybe you should find out why senior members measure their training here in decades, rather than mere months or years.” — William M.

The closest choice for martial arts training isn’t necessarily the best. In addition to Mechanicsburg, our members hail from Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dover, Dauphin, Dillsburg, Enola, Etters, Gettysburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, Lemoyne, New Cumberland, Shiremanstown, Steelton, Summerdale, Wormleysburg, York, and elsewhere in Central Pennsylvania.

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