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New Member Offer — First Full Month Free

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Martial Arts of Japan

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Starting martial arts training can be a bit intimidating — for most people it’s a matter of entering a new environment, with its own (and completely unfamiliar) language, rules, and expectations, not to mention the expense of equipment and tuition. We get it. It was the same for all of us.

But we also believe very strongly that deciding to train in martial arts can be one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make. The benefits and effects of proper training extend far beyond self-defense. Because we believe so strongly in what our dojo has to offer, we want to do everything we can to eliminate barriers to enrollment.

And, truth be told, we’d all have even more fun being able to share what we do with a few more people.

Purchase the uniform required for the art in which you’d like to train and your first full month will be tuition-free.

Regular tuition after the introductory membership will be $125 per month if you choose to continue. Obviously, we hope you will continue, but you are under no obligation to do so — Itten Dojo does not use contracts.

What’s the catch? Other than the fact we hope to catch your interest and enthusiasm, and have you become part of our group, there is no catch.

For detailed information on the dojo and the arts of aikijutsu and kenjutsu, please email chief instructor Robert Wolfe, at

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