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Martial Arts of Japan

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Dojo of the Itto Tenshin-ryu and Yamate-ryu

Itten Dojo Class, Seminar, and Special Event Schedules

Dojo Calendar for May 2019 (PDF)

Seminars in 2019

Itten Dojo Brochure (PDF)

Sword and Spirit (the montly e-newsletter of Itten Dojo)

May 2019 (PDF) — “Tachi-dori Ude-garami”

March/April 2019 (PDF) — “Yamate-ryu Taikai 2019”

February 2019 (PDF) — “Ukemi 101 — Applying Lovret Sensei’s Method”

January 2019 (PDF) — “Posture and the Divine Triangle”

September/October 2018 (PDF) — “Tachi-dori Kiri-age”

August 2018 (PDF) — “A Weekend with JMAC”

July 2018 (PDF) — “Breathing and Bowing”

June 2018 (PDF) — “21st Century Kenjutsu”

May 2018 (PDF) — “My Budo”

April 2018 (PDF) — “Myths of Self-defense”

March 2018 (PDF) — “Benefits Beyond Technique”

February 2018 (PDF) — “A Habit of Achievement”

January 2018 (PDF) — “Fight, or Quit!”

December 2017 (PDF) — “You Can Do This — And Why You Should”

November 2017 (PDF) — “Why Train?”

October 2017 (PDF) — “Prep 101 — Self-defense is More than Fighting”

September 2017 (PDF) — “The Traditional Ways”

August 2017 (PDF) — “Giri — The Burden of Obligation”

July 2017 (PDF) — “Why Form Matters”

June 2017 (PDF) — “Aphorisms — Perspectives and Observations”

May 2017 (PDF) — “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid...”

April 2017 (PDF) — “Be the Change...”

March 2017 (PDF) — “What You Bring and What You Surrender”

February 2017 (PDF) — “Spiritual Budo”

January 2017 (PDF) — “Transformation in the Traditional Martial Arts”

December 2016 (PDF) — “Why Martial Arts are Good for Women”

November 2016 (PDF) — “Reishiki: Wellspring of Mindset”

October 2016 (PDF) — “Budo and a Block of Wood”

September 2016 (PDF) — “Ukemi — The Most Useful Self-defense”

August 2016 (PDF) — “Breathing: You’re Probably Not Doing It Correctly”

July 2016 (PDF) — “The Gold Watch”


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New and Noteworthy

"Spiritual" Budo by R. Wolfe

Magic, Mystery, or Mindset? by J. Ziegler

Aikijujutsu, Aikijutsu and Aikido

Capturing the Absolute Moment by S. Okabayashi

On Budo and Pushups: Tales of an Aikijutsu Fledgling by L. Granite

Kenjutsu and Sword Appreciation

Lessons from the Gorin-no-Sho by R. Wolfe

Experience is the Best Teacher by R. Lange

Tidbits, Tricks, and Trivia for Students of the Sword by R. Lange

General Interest

Self-defense Law and the Martial Artist by P. Hobart

InformedMag.com — A greaf reference for home security and self-defense information

Health and Fitness

The 60-Second Shiatsu by R. Wolfe

Over-the-Counter Pain Relief by M. Nickels, M.D.

Natural Pain Relief by A. Starner

Caffeine: Grounds for Concern? by M. Nickels, M.D.

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