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Resources — Articles and Downloads

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Martial Arts of Japan

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Sword and Spirit – the eNewsletter of Itten Dojo (Current and Back Issues)

The Itten Dojo Blog — Current and Previous Posts

Central Website of the Itto Tenshin-ryu (kenjutsu)

Central Website of the Yamate-ryu (aikijutsu)

— Itten Dojo Class, Seminar, and Special Event Schedules —

Dojo Calendar for June 2020 (PDF)

Seminars in 2020

Itten Dojo Brochure (PDF)

Shugi-bukuro (Download a money envelope for miscellaneous payments)

— Online Articles and Essays —

New and Noteworthy

Hanko — Japanese Signature Seals by S. Weiss

“Spiritual” Budo by R. Wolfe

Magic, Mystery, or Mindset? by J. Ziegler

Aikijujutsu, Aikijutsu and Aikido

Capturing the Absolute Moment by S. Okabayashi

On Budo and Pushups: Tales of an Aikijutsu Fledgling by L. Granite

Kenjutsu and Sword Appreciation

Lessons from the Gorin-no-Sho by R. Wolfe

Experience is the Best Teacher by R. Lange

Tidbits, Tricks, and Trivia for Students of the Sword by R. Lange

General Interest

Deshi by L. Reafsnyder

Jutsu or Do? by L. Reafsnyder

Botany as a Martial Art by E. Dix

Wood and Weapons by E. Dix

Self-defense Law and the Martial Artist by P. Hobart

InformedMag.com — A greaf reference for home security and self-defense information

Health and Fitness

The 60-Second Shiatsu by R. Wolfe

Kampo — the Japanese Art of Herbal Healing by C. Altomonte

Over-the-Counter Pain Relief by M. Nickels, M.D., Ph.D.

Natural Pain Relief by A. Starner

Caffeine: Grounds for Concern? by M. Nickels, M.D., Ph.D.

Creatine: Pro and Con, by M. Nickels, M.D., Ph.D.

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